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Bemis Elementary  |  Mission Statement

Bemis Bear Star B Logo

Look carefully at the Bemis Keystone and see if you can find the symbols.  Click the tabs below for details.

Bemis is very proud and excited to unveil our newest addition: A beautiful keystone that will be used to reflect our strong commitment to Character Education. The students at Bemis must demonstrate good citizenship as well as excellent scholastic achievement and outstanding academic skills. As a result, Bemis staff instituted Character Education so students would understand and demonstrate the principles of good character including kindness, respect and responsibility. An artist was commissioned to create a keystone that reflected the qualities of good character and included the distinctive and exciting traits about Bemis. His ingenuity inspired him to integrate and honor Bemis’s history, while highlighting the present and looking ahead toward the future. The keystone is rich with symbols to delight our Bemis community while integrating the past to the present in a child friendly way. 

Historically, Bemis was the first school to be heated and cooled by solar panels, which was innovative in 1980. To reflect this ground-breaking advancement, the mascot at Bemis was a satellite, and our monthly newsletter named “The Solar Scoop” was initiated, and this bimonthly newsletters continues to be published under that name now. The Bemis Bear, our current mascot, was created later as a child friendly mascot, and the paw print was added to delight older Bemis students.