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Bemis Elementary  |  Attendance Line & Map

Bemis Elementary

3571 Northfield Pkwy - Troy, MI 48084

Office:  (248) 823-4100

Attendance Line:  (248) 823-4101


Whenever your child will be tardy or will not coming to school due to illness, a doctor appointment, etc., please call the attendance line at (248) 823-4101 and leave a voicemail message. When reporting an absence, please leave the day and date of absence, child’s first and last name (please spell the last name), and the child’s grade and teacher. It is not enough to just tell your classroom teacher that your child will be tardy or absent. The voicemail system is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Homework requests should be emailed to the classroom teacher.
To ensure the safety of your child, we account for each child every day. If we do not receive a call from you on the absence line, we must make our “safety check” and call to find out where the absent child is. You can help by making sure you phone the absence line when you know your child is not coming to school or will just be tardy. When you bring your student late to school, please make sure to sign him/her in at the office before sending him to class. NEVER send your child in alone.